Are You Dancing On Time?

Timing comes natural to some of us.
But for many, it is a completely foreign concept.
What is timing exactly?
Timing is the ability to hear and dance on the beats of the music.
And it is super CRITICAL in partner dancing.
Being in tune with your partner on the dance floor
is next to impossible if you can't nail down timing.
So right now take a second and be honest with yourself.
Can you find the beats or timing of a Salsa song
and then continuously remain on those beats throughout your dance?
If not, don't worry.
The first step is acknowledgment.
Take a peak below to evaluate your own level of awareness of timing.
This will give you perspective of where you stand.
Level I. Unconscious Incompetence.

  • you are unaware of the existence or relevance of timing
  • unaware that you may lack the ability to find and hear timing
  • you may deny the relevance of usefulness of timing

Level II. Conscious Incompetence.

  • you are aware of the existence and relevance of timing
  • you are aware that you may be deficient in this skill area
  • you realize that you can improve

Level III. Conscious Competence.

  • you can stay on the beat, but need to concentrate or think in order to do so
  • you are able to perform the skill without assistance
  • timing has still not become second nature to you

Level IV. Unconscious Competence.

  • you have practiced so much that timing is now second nature
  • you can carry on multiple tasks, such as having a conversation, while remaining on time
  • timing has become instinctual for you and you no longer have to think about it

Unconscious Competence is the desired level we all strive to attain.
This is when the music flows naturally through you
and counting the beats in your head or out loud is no longer necessary.
With practice and awareness, you CAN improve your timing skills.
And you will be so proud of yourself when you do,
because this is when the real fun begins.

Cesar shares a tip below to help prepare you
to take the dance floor and stay on the beat.
You will at least need to be a Level II for this to work.

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