Our Philosophy


To challenge each and every student to reach their full potential in class as a dancer, and encourage all students to have confidence and self-esteem through the use of positive reinforcement and constructive criticism.

To teach challenging, yet fun classes that progress with the student and promote an appreciation for the art of Salsa.



We believe that dance should be an enriching and fulfilling experience that is available and accessible to all.

We believe in a positive and nurturing learning environment in which it is okay to have fun, learn and make mistakes without fear or shame.

We believe that learning how to dance requires structure at first, but ultimately it should be about your own inner expression and satisfaction.

We believe that providing knowledgeable, conscientious and positive instructors who strive for excellence in their teaching greatly enhances a student's learning experience and we will provide compensation that is fair and adequate to ensure we are able to provide instructors whose beliefs and attitudes coincide with those of Step Into Salsa.

We believe in continually searching for creative and alternative methods of service and teaching systems.

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salsa lessons

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