Shine Pattern Breakdown + Bloopers

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In case you are new to the Salsa world, guess what...

Salsa dancing isn't just partnerwork (dancing with a partner).
Often times, there are inspired moments during a Salsa song
in which the leader may choose break away from his partner and...

SHINE! (a.k.a. freestyle, improv, dance solo, do crazy footwork things,
show off, eat a sandwich - jk about the last one)

This is when you both get to do any gosh darn thing you want,
so long as you stay on the timing of the music.
Common "shine" steps and patterns do exist,
but ultimately this is an opportunity for full self-expression and creativity.

I know what you're thinking...
you can barely stand to watch yourself dancing in the mirror at home,
let alone do it in public.

Many dancers feel intimidated by shines at first.
Having a partner to clutch onto is a big comfort because
it CAN be scary to break loose on your own and risk someone
glimpsing your body roll attempt. More about no deposit casino bonus on!

I went through the same fears when I began dancing.
In fact, most of us do.

Now this is where you have to trust me when I say...

With practice, you WILL get over those fears.
With practice, you WILL begin to feel more comfortable.
And with practice, you WILL be amazed at how much you actually begin to enjoy shines.

So to get you started, we have a simple shine routine for you to learn. Just click the video below and get to work.
For more instructional videos, check out our online Salsa dance instruction.



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