What Girls Really Think…

Imagine this...

You just finished dancing with a woman.
She leaves the dance floor to rejoin her group of friends.
You overhear her talking to them about you...

"He was so smooth. I felt like I could fully relax
and just go along for the ride. I didn't have to worry
about my arm being yanked off or being pulled
off balance. I felt complete trust in his ability to
control the dance. It allowed me to completely let go
and focus on expressing myself and enjoying the dance.
And he had this sense of calm confidence that was incredibly
sexy. What a breath of fresh air from the last guy I danced
with who was gripping my hands so hard that it left bruises."

While your follower may not express it in words like this,
this is definitely how it feels to dance with a great leader.

A good leader is an effective communicator.
He knows how to build trust in his followers.
He is well-prepared and can comfortably and confidently execute the moves.

By developing your leadership skills, you help your follower relax
and trust in your ability to take care of her on the dance floor.

The trap so many dancers get stuck in is trying to learn a million
turn patterns without spending enough time on developing their
leadership skills. They believe that the more turn patterns they know,
the better they are. This couldn't be further from the truth.

While there are many ways to improve your leading, here is one tip to get you started.
And if you like this tip, please share it with your friends.

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