Inspiring Interview with Magna Gopal

I love this inspiring interview with Magna Gopal.
This girl is an inspiration to many Salsa dancers
all over the world. She comes from a background
of "no dance experience" and basically taught herself
to dance, spin, and excel in the art of Salsa dancing.

There are two things I really like what she says in her interview...

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The first is that she took initiative and asked more advanced dancers
to dance. Even if she was rejected, she didn't let it stop her. She kept asking
and she kept improving.

The second thing is that she focused on one thing at a time which helped her
improve more quickly than most dancers. At first, she focused only on following.
Once she had a firm grasp and understood how to follow well, she then began to
focus on how to spin. After she became good at spinning, she then moved on to
footwork and then body movement.

I think it's a great way to learn quickly and excel in your own dancing!

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